List of polygon subdivision data (Output Table)

Table description:

The output data table LENGTH provides information on the subdivision of the polygon lines. The main division results from the bend / Tee fitting both at the first and second point of the line and the specified adjacent bend or Tee extensions.

The distance between the first polygon point and the tangent point of the bend is contained in T1, similar distance at second polygon point in T2. The distance between tangent (Tee) point and end of bend (Tee) extension (extension point) is contained in T.EXT1 and T.EXT2 respectively.

The remaining length between extension points (or tangent (Tee) points if there are no extensions) is contained in T. In case extensions are specified the number of extension elements will be possibly modified to match the length T between tangent (Tee) points. If there are no extensions specified and T becomes negative (unless it is a value greater then -.001 PIPE.EL) the function error OVERLAP applies. If T becomes small (less then .1 times BEND.EL2 ) then the two adjacent points are joined at the tangent point of the second bend (Tee) and the CONN.INDICATOR contains CONNECT. This applies too for small negative T.

The element division over the distance T is done by dividing through PIPE.EL and rounding off to the next higher number. The element division at the bends is done by dividing the bend length by BEND.EL and rounding off to the next higher even number. In case the bend element length becomes less than 0.5 times the specified BEND.EL only one bend element is applied connecting the two tangent points. Small bend elements may result from short bend radius and small bend angles.

H200532, last changed: 9/14/2016

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