List of elements along pipeline axis (Output Table)

Table description:

The output data table ELEMNTS provides a list of the generated elements along the pipeline axis.

The local x-axis is directed from start node to end node. In case of a PIPE-element the local y-axis is defined in the horizontal plane, in such a way, that the local z-axis has an angle to the global Z-axis less than 90 degrees. This is the LOCAL element coordinate system. The LOCAL element coordinate system is a right-handed, orthogonal system.

In case the x-axis nearly (less than .001 rad) coincides with the Z-axis or -Z-axis the y-axis is chosen in the direction of the Y-axis. In case of a BEND-element a local y'-axis is directed from the centre-point of the bend circle to the centre-point of the bend-element.

The angle THETA is defined as the angle between the y-axis and the y'-axis. THETA is measured in a positive, right-handed sense around the local x-axis from the y-axis to the y'-axis. Both the GLOBAL and the length coordinates of the centre points of the elements are provided.


Local ELEMENT coordinate system (x, y, z) with Auxiliary local ELEMENT coordinate system (x, y', z')

H200552, last changed: 9/14/2016

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