3. Pipeline Data [GENDATA]

Compose pipeline data model

General description:

This function is not a design function in the usual sense, it is more like a summary of all 3.x design functions (Pipe Data, Soil Data and Model Boundary). It differs from normal design functions in several ways:

1.It cannot be shown in the Overview panel,

2.It has no input- or output-data tables,

3.It will always be processed automatically after the last of the 3.x-functions has been processed successfully,

4.Setting back this function always sets back all three 3.x-functions.

However, just like other design functions it can generate errors, warnings and messages. Therefore, it is possible to have all 3.x-functions successfully processed and locked and still have this function not successfully processed. In that case, set-back one or more of the 3.x functions, change data and process the 3.x-functions again.

H3003, last changed: 9/14/2016

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