Compose pipeline data model


Function ready condition: All sub-functions PROCESSED/FUNCTION READY condition. The function will be processed automatically after the last sub-function has been processed.


Function error condition: 2 error conditions, 2 warning conditions, 1 message



No soil at infin boundary condition

At a boundary node a half infinite long pipeline has been connected (INFIN in input data table ENDPTS) and all soil parameter values are 0. (no soil) at that boundary node.

output table CONDI will become questioned, with the parameter STATE indicated [!Error!] at the boundary node(s).


Unstable pipeline data model

At all boundary nodes a FREE end condition has been specified, and no external supports and no soil are present.

output tables will be empty and questioned.



Slack ignored at infin node

SLACK space has been specified at INFIN boundary nodes with SLACK values other than 0.


Slcurve ignored at infin node

SLCURVE has been specified at INFIN boundary nodes other than BILIN.

(This condition does not imply the application of a bi-linear soil curve at the boundary nodes, but BILIN is the default curve and any other specified curve could eventually be intended by the designer but not be accepted in the model.)



ELEM-L/ADV-L 'value', 'number' (number1 - number2)

An element length exceeds the recommended length.

(value = maximal occurring element length quotient (>1) number = element number with reported length quotient number1, number2 = start, end of elem. series with quotient >1 The calculation accuracy at the recommended length is 3%.)

H3004, last changed: 9/14/2016

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