Specification of deadweight of pipeline along pipeline axis (Input Table)

Data description/conditions:


Node number of data reference point

> 0 / from nodes list ¹ Column may be toggled to X-P, AX-L, AX-LP, ELEM or IDENT, see toggling data tables.


Deadweight of pipeline just before and at node reference point

None / Required

(The value given for DEADW1 on the first data line is valid for all points on the pipeline before the reference node, including start node and eventually connected pipeline. DEADW includes the weight of the pipeline and its contents and is the algebraic sum of deadweight in air (in negative Z-direction) and in case of a submerged pipeline the buoyant forces (in positive Z-direction). DEADW positive means force in negative Z-dir.)


Deadweight of pipeline just after node reference point

None / Undefined / Required if wlevel=yes

(The value given for DEADW2 on the last data line is valid for all points on the pipeline after the reference node, including end node and eventually connected pipeline. see also info DEADW1. If DEADW2=UNDEFINED it is assumed DEADW2=DEADW1.)


Indication of presence of buoyancy

Undefined / Prescribed names: Yes, No

(If Yes, the value of DEADW1 is assigned to the pipeline part under water and the value of DEADW2 is assigned to the parts above water, on the condition that input table W-LEVEL exists. So in case of varying deadweight (several table lines) column DEADW1 contains the submerged values and column DEADW2 the values above water. If one or more WLEVELs are defined as Yes all empty WLEVELs are considered to be Yes as well. In all other cases empty WLEVELs are treated as No. A combination of Yes and No is not accepted and will result in error E310/11.  Only if the calculations are geometrically non-linear, the program adapts the deadweight of a pipeline section when it moves through the local (ground) water level.

If No or UNDEFINED and both DEADW1 and DEADW2 are specified, this is considered as a jump from DEADW1 to DEADW2 at the given location.)

Note: If the WLEVEL=Yes option is used and there is somewhere a jump in the deadweight, for instance caused by a change of wall thickness, it is recommended to specify the change in deadweight not as a jump at one location but as a transition over a small distance, for instance one element.


¹ see also table error description

H310161, last changed: 9/14/2016

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