List of generated pipe dimension data based on elements list (Output Table)

Table description:

The output data table PIPEDIM provides a list, based on the generated elements list, of the pipe dimension data from the input data tables DIAM, WALL and DEADW.

The ratio value D/T relates to the relevant function error or warning.

The ratio value L/D can be used for accuracy estimation (see POLYDIF).

For small radius bends a warning is given if BENDPAR (or λ) is less than 0.2, as the accuracy of the bend behaviour modelling decreases in that case. This parameter λ is dependent on the diameter, wall thickness and bend radius.




=   wall thickness of bend (nominal wall thickness minus corrosion tolerance)


=   bend radius


=   average pipe radius


=   Poisson’s ratio of bend material

This warning is a first indication of the bend behaviour. Other similar warnings may follow. See explanation sub Design Function 5.

H310522, last changed: 4/11/2018

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