Specification of hydrodynamic force coefficients (Input Table)

Data description/conditions:


Node number of data reference point

Numbers must increase

(The coefficients specified at NODE are applicable up to the next NODE specification. Column may be toggled to AX-L, AX-LP, ELEM or IDENT (not to X-P), see toggling data tables.)


Hydrodynamic drag force coefficient cd

0. and < 5.

[Default: 0.7]


Hydrodynamic mass force coefficient cm

0. and < 5.

[Default: 3.29]


Hydrodynamic lift force coefficient cl

0. and < 5.

[Default: 1.0]

(Lift force coefficient to be used for pipeline parts at or near the sea bed only. The resulting lift force acts in the positive Z-direction (so upward). For all other cases specify as 0.)



H410151, last changed: 2009-07-02

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