Specification of internal overpressure along pipeline axis (Input Table)

Table description:

Through the input data table PRESS the internal pressure along the pipeline axis is provided to the loading model.

The pressure is provided as a polygon data line attached to the pipeline axis by means of data reference points.

The value of the pressure parameter is calculated at each pipeline node by relating the location of the node to the developed length of the pipeline axis and interpolating the parameter value between parameter values at adjacent data reference points.

The value of PRESS represents the overpressure in the pipeline relative to the external pressure. A positive value means the pressure inside the pipeline is higher than the external pressure. A negative value means a higher external pressure relative to the inside pressure.

A pressure value = 0. means equal pressures inside and outside the pipeline and the pipeline is not stressed by the pressure.



H420112, last changed: 2008-07-22

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