Specification of locations of nodal point loads on pipeline axis (Input Table)

Table description:

Through the input data table NODALL (NODAl point Loads Location) groups of nodal point loads having the same nodal load specification can be specified. All nodes between the points specified in the first and second field will be provided with a set of external point load forces referenced by the name specified under LOADREF (LOAD REFerence). In case of node specification both nodes SNODE and ENODE are included.

The load/coordinate system to be applied is specified under LOADSYS (GLOBAL or LOCAL). It is important to be aware that in case of LOCAL point loads and geometrically NON-linear calculations the orientation of the point loads may change during the iterations due to displacements and rotations of the pipeline (see definition of LOCAL coordinate system, table SUPPORT).

The sets of external point load forces, referenced by name are specified in the input data table NODALS. If a set of external point load forces applies to one node only, SNODE and ENODE both have the number of that node. In case of a group SNODE must be a lower number than ENODE.

Groups of nodal point loads may overlap, however, a node may not be referenced by more than three groups in the GLOBAL and two in the LOCAL coordinate system. In case of overlap the specified sets of nodal forces are summated algebraically. In case the table NODALL has been specified , the table NODALS must be present as well.



H420172, last changed: 2009-07-02

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