Specification of locations of nodal point loads on pipeline axis directed to focus point (Input Table)

Data description/conditions:


Number of node where a focus point load (set) applies

> 0 / from nodes list

(Column may be toggled to X-P, AX-L, AX-LP, ELEM or IDENT, see toggling data tables.)


Point load set reference name

The specified name must be from the list in table NODALS


X-coordinate of focus point


Y-coordinate of focus point


Z-coordinate of focus point

(In the FOCUS coordinate system the positive x-axis is directed from the nodal point (N) to the focus point (F), the y-axis is horizontal and the positive z-axis makes an angle of less than 90 degrees with the global positive Z-axis. The three axes shall form a right-handed coordinate system.)



H420191, last changed: 2009-07-16

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