4.2. Pipeline Loading [GENLOAD]

Compose pipeline loadings

General description:

Through this function the pipeline loading components are specified. Load factors can be specified in the next function, where the various loading components are combined into loading combinations.

Function description:

The loading components pressure and temperature are specified as polygon data lines along the selected one of the available coordinate axes. The absolute soil displacements in X-, Y- and Z-direction and the predefined path of construction settlements are specified in a similar way.

The function attaches values of the various loading components to the nodes by means of interpolation. Nodal loads can be specified as consistent sets of nodal forces in the local nodal coordinate system (LOCAL or Fixed local), in the overall, global coordinate system (GLOBAL), or as forces focused on a specified point (FOCUS).

To a node more than one nodal load set may be attached, however, no more than three sets may be attached in the GLOBAL coordinate system, two in the LOCAL coordinate system and only one FOCUS load. The specified FOCUS point load(s) remain(s) focused on the specified focus point during the calculations. The FOCUS load system is effective especially in case of geometrically non-linear calculations.

The DEADWEIGHT input in Design Function 3.1 is reported in output table LOADATA as well.

H4203, last changed: 9/14/2016

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