List of primary cross-sectional deformations of pipeline elements (Output Table)

Table description:

The output table DEFORM provides the primary deformations of the pipeline cross-sections to facilitate the overall non-linear beam behaviour analysis. Reported are the total uniformly distributed axial strains constituted from the elastic strain, the plastic strain and the stress less strain components, and the total curvatures constituted from the elastic and plastic curvature components. Moreover the twisting distortion and the maximum ovalisation of the elements are provided. More detailed deformations are calculated and reported in Design Function 6.

Loadcase name, analysis type, iteration and phase number and the ovalisation redistribution, if applicable, are shown in the table heading.

If there is no soil and the geometry calculations are linear, the iteration number is zero.

The table is only existing if the Section Model option has been set to Ovalising meaning that the non-linear behaviour of the cross-sectional ovalisation is taken into account. This is possible only in case the Q module is present.


H500642 (last modified: December 13, 2019)

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