Specification of extra loads on top of soil along pipeline axis (Input Table)

Data description/conditions:


X-coordinate of data reference point

None / Required

(Column may be toggled to AX-L, AX-LP, NODE, ELEM or IDENT, see toggling data tables.)


Extra top-load on pipeline just before and at X-P reference point


(The value given for TOPLOAD1 on the first data line is valid for every value of X less than or equal to X-P(1))


Load factor for TOPLOAD1

> 0. and < 10. / Undefined if topload1=0.

[Default: 1.35]

(If specified, TOPLOAD1 is multiplied by LOADF1.)


Extra top-load on pipeline just after X-P reference point

0. / Undefined

(The value given for TOPLOAD2 on the last data line is valid for every value of X greater than X-P(n). If TOPLOAD2=UNDEFINED it is assumed TOPLOAD2=TOPLOAD1)


Load factor for TOPLOAD2

> 0. and <10. / Undefined

(If specified, TOPLOAD2 is multiplied by LOADF2. If LOADF2=UNDEFINED it is assumed that LOADF2=LOADF1.)

(in case there is no soil TOPLOAD shall be 0.)

H610121, last changed: 9/14/2016

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