Detailed strains at mid plane of wall in element (material non-linear analysis) (Output Table)

Table description:

The output data table MIDEPS provides a list of detailed elastic, plastic and total strains at the mid plane of wall over the circumference of the cross-section where calculations have been performed.

The strains collected in this table are the result of all internal and external loadings on the cross-section due to the overall and the local cross-sectional behaviour of the pipeline.

The strains are given in 144 equidistant points over the circumference of the cross-section (each 2.5 degrees) starting at the intersection of the horizontal y-axis of the element coordinate system and the cross-section.

The table relates to the data on the last data line of the maximum strain table MIDEPSM.

For explanation of the abbreviations in the strain component mnemonics see output table INSIGM.

The following data appear in the table heading:

number of element in which strains have been calculated

loadcase name

line number of tables CSGEN/CSLOAD containing basic data for strain calculations

phase number, if applicable.



H622442, last changed: 2008-07-28

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