Detailed radial deformations of pipe cross-section (material non-linear analysis) (Output Table)

Table description:

The output data table RLDSPLC provides a list of detailed radial deformations over the circumference of the cross-section where calculations have been performed.

The radial deformations are the result of the loading by lateral soil loads and reactions and by bending moments in bends.

Both elastic and plastic parts of the total deformations are reported.

The deformations are given in 144 equidistant points over the circumference of the cross-section (each 2.5 degrees) starting at the intersection of the horizontal y-axis of the element coordinate system and the cross-section.

If the Soil Ring-Stiffening Option is Applied, also information is given on the maximum elastic soil resistances that are allowed and the associated soil springs.

The table relates to the data on the last data line of the maximum deformation table RLDPLMX.

The following data appear in the table heading:

number of element in which deformations have been calculated

loadcase name

line number of tables CSGEN/CSLOAD containing basic data for deformation calculations

phase number, if applicable.



H622482, last changed: 2009-07-20

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