Maximum unit check stresses according to Mohr, Tresca, Von Mises or uniaxial, using predefined weighing factors (Output Table)

Table description:

The output data table NENSMAX provides a list of maximum unit check stresses per specified cross-section.

The stresses are the result of the summation of stress components resulting from the overall behaviour of the pipeline and the ring behaviour of the cross-section, according to the user defined criterion of Mohr, Tresca, Von Mises or Uniaxial stresses, taking into account predefined stress weighing factors (see Data description/conditions). The unit check stresses are a result of the calculated stresses divided by material factors and by (a combination of) the yield stress(es) of the pipe material.

The stresses provided are the maximum (tensile or compressive) values over 48 points over the circumference of the cross-section (both at inner and outer wall face).

Detailed stress data of the last data line of the table are contained in the output data table NENSTRS.

The table acts in an accumulative way if the unlock option is used. See also CSTRMAX.

Three data appear in the table heading:

loadcase name

unit stress indication (Mohr, Tresca, Von Mises or Uniaxial)

indication that ovalisation redistribution has been applied.

H630522, last changed: 2009-01-15

See also:

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Design Function 6.2 (NEN 3650)