Perform cross-section calculations and checks according to the Belgian Law (for gas pipelines)


Function ready condition: - if input data table SECTBEL is tested.


Function error condition: 2 error conditions, 2 warning conditions, 4 messages



Data missing, recalculate from DF5.

Internal data calculated in design function 5 can not be found. Please set back design function 5 and recalculate from there.

(This error can occur after updating a project from a previous version of the program. If only design function 6 is recalculated after the update, not all required data might be present. )


Num of cross-sec. limited to 'number'

The number of elements mentioned in the SECTBEL table is limited to 'number', even if individual elements are mentioned more than once in the table (i.e. the number of actual elements to be calculated may be less than the limit).

Warning Please note that the limit for the educational version is 51 elements



Ovalisation is 'value' % of diameter

The ovalisation of an element exceeds 10 % of the diameter.

(An ovalisation exceeding 10% is considered to be very large.)


Calculated stress > allowable stress

One of the calculated check stresses in table SMAXBEL exceeds the allowable stresses elaborated in output table CSGENB.



Weak element(s) not calculated

Only WEAK elements have been specified in (a row of) table SECTBEL.


No elements calculated

Only WEAK elements have been specified in table SECTBEL.


All elements already calculated

All pipeline cross-sections specified in table SECTBEL are already calculated including the detailed stresses of the last specified element in table SECTBEL.


Topload = 0.

The TOPLOAD indicator in table SECTBEL is YES and (the TOPLOAD-value =0. and the Loading Redistribution option is OFF or no table TOPLOAD exists).

in output table CSLOAD the relevant TOPLOAD-value will become indicated .0 or UNDEFINED if no table TOPLOAD exists.

(This message is given to indicate that the TOPLOAD specified is zero over (parts of) the pipeline. this may be the real situation, but it is also possible that input of the TOPLOAD table has been omitted erroneously.)

H6404, last changed: 8/8/2019

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