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This Help-file will be called from the Ple4Win program if the user requests help. It can also be used 'stand-alone' by double-clicking on the file 'Ple4Win.chm' (in the program directory).

Info If started stand-alone, this help file might open without the "Tabs" visible. In that case, click the TabShow-icon in the upper left corner or hit the <Alt><O>- and then the <T>-key.

Visual styles

Throughout this help-file, certain functionality is shown or emphasized using specific visual styles:

Function or Table header

Chapter header

Extra information popup

Link to another help page

Info indicates an important note

Warning indicates a warning


Some additional visual styles are used for different listings of objects. As there are listings of tables, errors and columns.

A table object is represented as:

Table Name:

Short table description

Whether this table is required or not.


A Design Function error/warning/message is represented as:

Error Code:

Short error description

Condition for the error to occur.

listing of resulting actions

(Optional additional information.)


A table column is represented as:

Column Name:

Short column description

Condition(s) for valid column values

[Optional default value]

(Optional additional information.)

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