Functional characteristics of the KERNEL (K) module.

Design and analysis of  a 3D, buried or unburied, pressurized or pressure less transport pipelines.

Input facilities:

a.        Configuration conditions

       3 dimensional pipeline axis configuration (PIPE and BEND elements)

       various end boundary conditions (FREE, FIXED and INFINite)

       linear elastic external supports (GLOBAL and LOCAL coordinate systems)

       ground and groundwater level


b.        Pipeline conditions

       linear elastic pipe material variable along pipeline axis

       variable diameter along pipeline axis

       variable wall thickness along pipeline axis

       pressurized toroidal shell bending stiffness properties


c.        Soil conditions

       non-linear elastic soil deformation behaviour

       direction dependent lateral soil stiffness and ultimate soil support properties variable along pipeline axis

       soil friction stiffness and ultimate soil friction properties variable along pipeline axis

       uncertainty factors for easy soil parameter variation

       3 dimensional soil settlements and deformations


d.        Operational conditions

       internal/external pressure variable along pipeline axis

       temperature variations, variable along pipeline axis

       deadweight variable along pipeline axis

       additional point loads (GLOBAL and LOCAL coordinate systems)

       overall and component load factors


Output facilities:

       generated and compiled input data overviews

       internal forces and bending and twisting moments in the pipeline

       displacements and rotations along the pipeline axis

       soil reaction forces acting on the pipeline along its axis

       external support reactions

       bend stiffness and stress concentration factors

       detailed pipe/soil model iteration behaviour results.

       selected print facility

       selectable print on file facility

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