When the Multi Table screen is activated, the first tab Selection is selected and a 'tree' containing all available data tables in the current  Ple4Win project is shown. Initially, the following settings are applied (default settings):

only non empty data tables are shown

there are no tables selected yet.

all design functions are shown expanded

Multi Table Print 1


Used Icons (Legend)

As shown in the screenshot above, the design functions and 'Special Tables' are represented by folder icons (Folder Closed) and the data tables are represented by paper icons (Paper). Distinction has been made between the various Ple4Win tables and whether a table is empty or not. Legend of the used icons is shown below.

Table is empty

Table contains data

Input table

Input Table Green Empty

Input Table Green Filled

Output/Result table

Output Table Yellow Empty

Output Table Yellow Filled

History table

History Table Empty

History Table Filled

Status table

Info Table Empty

Info Table Filled

Notices table

Warning Table Empty

Warning Table Filled

Also, empty tables in the current project will have a different font colour than tables containing data. The font colour of empty tables is blue.

Selecting Tables

Table selection can be made by checking the checkbox next to the table name.

Info Check/uncheck the checkbox of a design function to select/unselect all tables within this design function.

Selection View

Tables shown in the tree can be sorted using the following options:

Design Function, Type of table

tables will be sorted by the design function. In each design function the corresponding input and output tables can be found (default)

Type of table, Design Function

tables will be sorted by the type of tables (input or output) and within each type of tables the design functions can be found containing the (input or output) tables

Info These options will not affect the position of the 'Special Tables' and neither the positions of the tables within this folder. 'Special Tables' is always located at the end of the tree.

Empty Tables

Sometimes, it is desirable to print empty table(s). For instance, the notices table. Initially, empty tables are not shown in the tree (default). Check the 'Show Empty tables' option to show the empty tables in the tree.

Load Multi Table Definition

The following settings will be loaded into the 'Multi Table: Print' dialog screen depending on the selected definition type:

Selected definition type

Settings to be loaded:

Selection, Options and Layout settings

tab Selection: selected tables, the tree selection view option and the 'Show Empty tables' option

tab Options: selected 'Rows to be printed' options for each selected result (output) table

tab Layout: output sequence of the selected tables and, if available, the 'Print table(s) on new page' option for the selected output tables

Selection and Layout settings

tab Selection: selected (input) tables and the 'Show Empty tables' option

tab Options: none

tab Layout: output sequence of the selected (input) tables

Selection settings only

tab Selection: selected (input) tables only

tab Options: none

tab Layout: none

Last changed: 2/3/2020