Characteristic for the use of Ple4Win is the application of a design methodology in the structure of the user interface. A great deal of effort has been put into the design of the user interface to facilitate the easy use of the program. The design process is divided into six main design functions (DF's) as shown in the diagram below.


Design Process



Each design function is modelled in a standard layout to enable easy use by the engineer. The same applies to the layout of input and output tables. Input and output data can be interpreted easily through the use of a large number of graphical representation facilities. These enable clear reporting as well. Combination of plot files is possible to arrange overviews of graphically represented results.

Successive design functions in the design flow scheme are processed one after another. Results from each function can thus be monitored easily. Set back functions provide the option to step back in the design process to allow for parameter variation in order to obtain optimal structural results. Graphical facilities allow for comparison of results from different calculations.

This design process and the status of each design functions can be found in the program as the Roadmap panel.

WorkFlow, last changed: 12/13/2019