Ple4Win 4.5.0 released

Ple4Win version 4.5.0 has been released. A newly developed mitre bends module has been incorporated in this version. Furthermore, the looks of the program have been modernized. Also, this version contains a number of other improvements, modifications and adaptations. For a detailed description of all that is new and changed, please see the change log.

Summarised, the key highlights of the new release are:

  • A new Mitre bends module.
  • Changes to the graphical user interface.
  • New functionality in input table ‘Pipeline polygon points’ / POLYDIF.
  • Added graph showing the material’s stress-strain relation.
  • And more

Mitre bends

  • Easily configure a mitre bend using only two extra parameters.
  • Calculations according to NEN 3650 or TGSL 1986.
  • No further user actions required!

New functionality in table POLYDIF

  • Configure a mitre bend by parameters N-KINK and L-SEGM.
  • Not required fields are disabled from editing.

Some other improvements

  • Additional idents automatically placed when pipe crosses the ground or water level.
  • Animated, explicit indication when the status of the Warning table changes.

Courses for Ple4Win users

The performance, accuracy and speed of a project calculated using Ple4Win depends for not a small part on how the project is modeled. More often than not, a good pipeline model has greater benefits than e.g. a faster computer and may prevent lots of calculations on model variations. We are providing for a course on the art of making a good functional pipeline model. This half-day course is primarily intended for experienced users.

For more detailed information, call +31 (0)70 390 2386 or mail to

We also offer courses for inexperienced users and dedicated training for individuals or small groups, focused on specified wishes of the attendees and/or going into details of specific problems the attendees have encountered. The combination of a course together with a project to be calculated is also possible. Again, contact us for more information.

Ple4Win forum

For support or advice, please visit theĀ Ple4Win forum. There you can also read the FAQs, tips & tricks, report your findings or tell us your views.