PleEdu4Win 4.6.0 released

The educational PleEdu4Win version 4.6.0 has been released. This version contains all improvements, modifications and adaptations of the professional Ple4Win version 4.6.0, where applicable. As with previous educational versions, this program can be downloaded and used freely to gain a good insight into what the Ple4Win program can do.

Download Ple4Win Educational 4.6.0.

The main highlights of the new release are:

  • User interface improvements such as keeping tables and visualizations open during design function changes, if possible.
  • Input tables with errors now show these on opening the table.
  • Program’s response to stopping/aborting calculations improved.
  • Better support for problematic graphics cards/adapters.
  • License type and expiration date (if applicable) now shown in the “About”-screen.