Ple4Win´s Special modules (R)

CommunicationThe Communications module (E) allows to import input table data or to export input or output table data. Importing and exporting take place with Microsoft® Excel-files.


The Anisotropic module (V) enables to distinguish between the material stiffness module (E) in longitudinal and circumferential direction and distinguish between normal and bending stressing.


The Soil curves module (C) adds additional curves instead of bi-linear R-δ soil curves. Besides it enables the use of a spatial ´slack´ space around the pipeline.


The Table support module (O) enables the use of a special non-linear support in the sense that the support is active only in vertical downward direction and support reaction may generate a horizontal friction reaction force.


The Phasing module (F) allows the continuation of a next construction phase on a previous phase. The soil deformations and stresses and strains are transferred. Non-linear material behavior can be applied in the last phase only.


The Branching module (Y) allows to specify branches to the main pipeline. Branches to branches are allowed. Branches may be looped.


The Wave/current module (W) is specifically applicable for on-bottom stability of offshore pipelines and riser tie-in structures. Airy and Stokes 5th order waves may be applied.


With this articulated pipeline module (J) a series of internal connection joints in the pipeline can be modeled, for instance pipes connected by means of sleeve joints. Several joint types are available.


With soil ring-stiffness module (U) the soil reaction stresses due to ovalisation of the cross section are taken into account. These soil reaction stresses are apart from the specified horizontal soil pressure.


The stress weighing module allows to apply weighing factors to the various stress components in order to accommodate various codes. (For instance wall bending stresses neglecting if not required to take into account)


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