Analysis Options

Ple4Win provides various analysis options to enable the design engineer to adjust to specific structural circumstances:

  • Linear elastic, isotropic pipe material behaviour
  • Linear elastic, anisotropic pipe material behaviour
  • Elasto-plastic pipe material behaviour
  • Continuous and articulated structural pipeline behaviour
  • Small displacement and rotation, geometric linear structural pipeline beha­viour
  • Large displacement and rotation, geometric non-linear structural pipeline beha­­viour
  • Elasto-plastic soil support behaviour
  • Buried, partly buried or on top of soil, soil models or above ground
  • Direction dependent soil support; adjustment to pipe deformation direction
  • Upheaval buckling
  • External supports in various structural shapes
  • Elastic in situ bends
  • Higher order bend behaviour, including influence of connecting straight legs
  • Integrated pressure-related cross-section behaviour
  • Integrated soil-support related cross-section behaviour
  • Redistribution of cross-sectional deformation due to shell behaviour
  • Phasing of construction
  • Pipeline networks
  • Steel in Steel pipelines (SIS) or steel cased pipeline (SCP)
  • Miter bends or mitred bends

Analysis limitations

No dynamic behaviour of the pipeline is taken into account, only quasi-dynamic static loads and deformations