Soil Model Wizard

Welcome to a new dimension of specifying soil mechanics

The Soil Model Wizard is an add-on module for Ple4Win that simplifies the obtainment of soil mechanical values through basic soil properties.

The soil tables in Ple4Win (Design Function 3.2) need to be filled with soil mechanical values. Obtaining these values is often problematic. Little is known and you might be glad just having information about the different soil types and layers. The Soil Model Wizard makes it easy to derive soil mechanical values from the information of the soil.


The Soil Model Wizard guides the user step by step in order to generate the soil mechanical values. Calculation of soil mechanical values is based on formula´s from the Dutch Institute of Normalisation as given in NEN3650. Some default soil types are predefined within the Soil Model Wizard. These soil types and (most of) their properties are specified in NEN6740.




The Soil Model Wizard is based on the rules and formulae of NEN 3650:1992 and NEN 3650:2012. Using the latter, the installation method and the deformation speed of clayey soil types can be specified for (sections of) the pipeline. It is possible now to assign the occurrence of neutral or real top-soil load to a section of the pipeline as well. When calculating the real top-soil load the flexibility of the pipe wall is taken into account now.

Available installation method

  • Trench, uncompressed fill
  • Trench, compressed fill
  • Boring
  • HDD

Available deformation speed

  • Slow deformation, drained situation
  • Fast deformation, undrained situation