Ple4Win´s Basic modules

The kernel module (K) is the core of the program, and includes all basic functionality. In case no other modules are attached this module works geometrical and material linear, no stresses are calculated, neither are graphics included.
This module is always required.

The Communications module (E0) allows to import input table data or to export input or output table data. Importing and exporting takes place using Microsoft Excel®-files.

The stress/strain module (S) performs detailed stress calculations in selected pipe sections. Stresses are calculated in 48 equidistant points over the circumference at the inner and outer wall side, except in the case of material non-linearity, then 144 points are taken into account.

The stress weighing module allows to apply weighing factors to the various stress components in order to accommodate various codes. (For instance wall bending stresses neglecting if not required to take into account)

The graphics module (G) performs graphic representations of data in X-Y or polar plots.

The visualisation module (X1) shows a 3D representations of the configuration and the calculation results.

The small angle module (N) allows non-linear geometric calculation of the displacements, internal forces, and related soil and support reactions, based on equilibrium of the external load system on the deformed pipe structure. This model limits rotations to 0.3 radians. For larger rotations the geom. non-linear large rotations (L) module is required.

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