• Mitre bends

    Mitre bends may frequently occur in low pressure pipelines like potable and waste water lines. These bends can be calculated with the theory for…

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  • Steel in Steel

    The Steel-In-Steel (SIS) or Steel-Cased-Pipeline (SCP) module allows modelling structures where an inner (medium) steel pipe is encased by an outer (casing) steel pipe…

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  • 3D Visualisation Module

    Using the visualisation, more complex configurations can easily be checked on correctness. When visualising result data, the element with the highest (red) value can easily…

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  • Soil Model Wizard

    Wizards are add-on modules for Ple4Win aiming for an easy interface to supply Ple4Win with project data. The first Wizard developed is the Soil Model…

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Pipeline Engineering for Windows is a program for the analysis of the Strength, Strain, Stability and Safety of buried or partly buried transport pipelines both onland and offshore. The program can be used for the analysis of various medium type pipelines (e.g. petrochemical, chemical, natural gas and other gasses or liquefied gasses, potable water and sewage water, slurry pipelines, etc.).

As a result of typical soft soil conditions in The Netherlands (e.g. sand, soft clay and peat), the development of the program is based on the interpretation of the pipeline as a geotechnical structure. Due to this approach the program is also applicable for pipelines in more rigid soil areas, such as the deserts of the Middle-East or padding soil filled rock trenches.

Ple4Win is formally approved by Dutch authorities for pipelines that have to be licensed according to the Dutch Pipeline Code (NEN 3650/51 series), but as the analysis method is based on commonly applied mechanics and only optional, results are evaluated on specific Codes, the program is generally applicable under a variety of foreign Codes as has been shown in the past. As such the program is used in Great Britain, Germany, France, Belgium, Abu Dhabi, Oman, Israel and USA.